Easter Show results (April 2010)

The Equestrian Centre ran its end of term Easter Show at the beginning of April. The competition combined a dressage test and a round of show jumping. This competition was judged by Pepsi Kohler, the Equestrian Manager and Jane McGuiness, tutor of the National Diploma Level 1 Horse Management. As with tradition, the prize winners were presented with Easter eggs.

Results are as follows:

National Diploma Level 1 in Horse Management

1st Jemimah Winwood and Frank
2nd Kestra French and her own horse.
3rd Tanya Robins and Ross
4th Jess Murray and Charlie
5th Becky Lyons and Flight
6th Imogen Moody and Tyke

Foundation Diploma in Horse Care

1st Mel Channing and D.C
2nd Bobby Kavanagh-Mew and Magic
3rd Lucy Vickery and her own horse.
4th Shauni Smith and Sam.
5th Shannon Grey and Charlie.
6th Callum Curtis and D.C