Bridgwater Fire Station visits Bridgwater College’s Animal & Equine Centre (October 2010)

Fire Station visit Equestrian CentreThe Animal & Equine Centres at Bridgwater College were the recent venue for some specialist training for Bridgwater Fire Station.

The Fire Station is classified as a Specialist Rescue Centre, which can cover a wide range of subjects, including large animal and exotic species rescue. Green Watch Crew Commander Andy Green approached the College to help develop his team's skills in these areas.

Claire Winson, Section Leader for Animal & Equine at the College said, "We were really pleased to be able to help out the crew with this specialist training. Our Equestrian Manager Pepsi Kohler delivered sessions on working with our horses, which included grooming and handling, all designed to help build their confidence. We also provided the crew with a snake handling session, which included restraint and transportation techniques. Previously we've covered rodent and small pet handling with the lads. Hopefully it's all going to be extremely useful and something they can put into practice when the occasion arises."Fire Station visits Equestrian Centre