Animal Magic at the Equestrian Centre

Bridgwater College's Equestrian Centre in Cannington was the recent venue for a specialist talk and demonstration from horse behaviour expert Richard Maxwell.

Over 50 people attended the event, keen to meet Richard ‘Max' Maxwell who now offers consultations, demonstrations, clinics and courses to help with basic schooling and loading problems, as well as more severe behavioural issues such as napping, rearing, bucking and mounting problems.

Michael ‘Pepsi' Kohler, Equine Yard Manager explained, "We saw Max work with two of our horses - the first, Coco, is on loan to us and is easily spooked, yet by the end of the session, Max had Coco jumping over water trays, something he never does happily. The second horse, Isa hates being loaded into his horse box - but again, by the end of the session, Isa was loading confidently, firstly with Richard, then his owner, and eventually on his own!"

Local rider Kayla Short attended the event and said, "I had a fantastic time at the Richard Maxwell demo. It was amazing; I hope there will be another one in the future. In my eyes Richard Maxwell is a genius - not just in the way he works with horses, but also in the way he teaches others."

Pepsi and the team and the Equestrian Centre is hopeful to organise another event with Max for September.